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Rage Against Oppression! Watch This New BAS ROTTEN Visual for “Self”

Straight up – it’s not easy to be alive right now knowing that as Black Males we are still being hunted by racist Police. Honestly, this is nothing new, since White Supremacy stole us from our homeland and brought us to North America in bondage, White society has made my people’s suffering into an industry. This oppression goes beyond color, but Police around the world are instruments of hate used against people of color. Bas Rotten is a band that represents my RAGE to the fullest and their last album SURGE is the bomb! Check out this intense video for “Self”:

Music Video by Super Lino Puro Productions
bas rotten

– Pre-order the second pressing of their acclaimed debut album “Surge” in blood, sweat and black gunk splatter heavyweight vinyl (180g) gatefold “deluxe” edition by To Live a Lie,  Loner Cult and Raging Planet  (pre-order starts 11th of March, shipping starts 15 of April)
– Release of the CD version by  Raging Planet records and  Doomed Records  March 11th 
– New ACAB Merch – Crew Necks and LongSleeves   by Matt “Bargain Bin Blasphemy” Stikker

Global Grindcore Alliance Fest 2 on May 29th 

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