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RAGANA: Unbecoming

About a month ago, someone messaged me about a very special band from Olympia that now reside in Oakland. The name of the group is RAGANA and the person was right – their record Unbecoming is the shit! When I listen to them, I feel the Northwest rain falling onto my head, but at the same time I have visions of enchanting California sunsets. RAGANA’s music is full of passion that will sweep your imagination away to a place where the clouds are used for magic carpet rides. I can hear mother nature in their organic, angular riffs that resonate with the pain of our daily existence! Lyrically, RAGANA is on point, but it’s the stories that both the music tells that will leave you transfixed. On certain songs, it seems like early early Cat Power has come to life as a black metal artist, which is totally my type of bong load, because I love them both. Check the download link for RAGANA Unbecoming, plus peep a full set filmed by our comrade Kevin Hobbs…I’m so excited to hear more from them, but for right now, RAGANA is one of my favorite bands!




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