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Radical Recognize Radical! 3 HARDCORE Releases That are Next Level RAD!

Hell fucking YES! I’m so free to be myself and I don’t give a fuck about what people think about me! Fuck trying to conform to what society says I’m supposed to be as a Black man born into this world! I feel so blessed to be able to experience so many many different tribes in my lifetime. Real Talk, one of the most inclusive and Anti-Racist musical art forms is Hardcore. I’m not going to say the community is perfect, but I will say as a genre it does not make racists feel comfortable. Our whole family goes to shows and my daughters love it and we all feel the love from our community. Today I want to share with you 3 bands that are beyond RAD, and whose records resonate with me.

JUICE Demonic Frequency

I can’t front, JUICE is Vancouver, BC locals that are favorites of our daughters for good reason. Personally, I love the thick energy that they lay down with each riff. Straight up, when I hear a JUICE song I want to dance NON STOP. Their new release Demonic Frequency (Demolition Records) is one of my favorite hardcore records 2022. Every fucking tune is a banger and an anthem. When you hear the title track Demonic Frequency you will become a fan instantly. JUICE is a unit that represents what they love to the fullest and for that, I’ve got to say RESPECT DUE! PRE ORDER in Effect HERE!

Art by Nathan Rohrbacher

ABSTAIN Infirm Of Purpose

It’s Fucking on! This new ABSTAIN record is fire on so many levels! Not only is the music that they create awesome but I love the message that the songs carry! For 3 years I have not touched alcohol and my life is better for it. I can relate to this band’s straightedge ideals. Especially being a native of LA I have seen firsthand how alcohol continues to destroy the Black and Brown communities (around the nation). When it comes to the music that ABSTAIN is putting out, there is not one weak moment on their debut Infirm Of Purpose which comes out June 24th via War Records. Wow, their song “Reconking” gives me chills because of the sonics and passion that this tune has. My message to ABSTAIN is just keep doing what y’all are doing because it’s hard as FUCK and I’m a super FAN!

FIELD OF FLAMES Constructing A War Against You

So what do we have here? It’s the new FIELD OF FLAMES album Constructing A War Against You that is out now on Indecision Records. This record is going to rank high on our end-of-the-year Hardcore for 2022. Damn, once the all-out rage of the title track seeps into your ear drums you will hear for yourself where I’m coming from. This band is the perfect balance between metal and hardcore. Every song is fucking John Blaze and reeks of uncut raw intense passion. Their song “Turmoil Consumes” almost brings tears to my eyes and makes me think of all of POC caught up in the struggle! I want to see FIELD OF FLAMES live because I know I will lose my shit. Just as much as the vocals the music has something to say and they both play off each to the next level. If you are fan of insanely RAD Hardcore then Constructing A War Against You is for you.

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