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80s Hardcore

R.I.P. HAARM – Most Savage of All Punk Bands – “Infinite Light” Now Available

HAARM were a fucking beast to behold. This deviated punk band from the LA underground was a fucking threat. Their abrasive, hateful, primitive and fucking vile hardcore punk was hard to forget for anyone who stumbled upon it, as it left wounds and unshakeable trauma deep within. I saw them play once and they turned the place into a slaughter house, and their small but incinerating recorded output is some of the most fucked in the head shit in existence. I’m not really sure why they disbanded (below is a photo of their last show ever), but since they did, I thought it was worth sharing their new, albeit swansong, EP Infinite Light with you all, which may just as well be their best and most harrowing material yet. I don’t know if “raw punk” is a term that applies well to this band – all you need to know is that this music is indeed rooted in punk but it seethes with unseen deviancy and unhinged hostility. RIP HAARM – you will be missed!!!




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