R.I.P. WITCHRIST…CVLT Nation Streaming: Vritra EP

Are you fucking ready to hear the new WITCHRIST EP “Vritra” in full?…Before you are sucked down into their world of sonic fury, read what Al Necro had to say about this record:

How can some blogs and commercial rags be putting up end-of-year lists without having heard Witchrist? Ok, so, many and many a year ago, Witchrist burst out of the cvlt scene with the seminal Beheaded Ouroborus. It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from them, the last release being The Grand Tormentor, so that makes Vritra one hotly-anticipated album for yours truly. I won’t pretend to think that I even thought that Witchrist have been nailed-to-the-stake. Kidding aside, if you like underground death doom, these poser-killers have added another quality release to their painstakingly short discography. How do you do doom/death the right way? Slow it down to a crawl? Not exactly. Clean singing? Oh God, no! Witchrist aren’t kidding around with the instrumentation, playing harps or harmonicas that don’t suit the music. Witchrist know a good riff when they hear it, without pulling out sweeps or arpeggios or any bullshit. Witchrist haven’t sold out on this one, but neither have they done so on any other release. They take some downpicking brutality and add some lively shredding, slowing down the drumming for the former and spicing it up for the latter…Read More Here.  Label: Iron Bonehead Productions



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Damn, so fucking heavy and the production sounds so old school. Like old bolt thrower recordings.

Chris Alfano
Chris Alfano

This is one sick EP. Glad you brought attention to it. 🙂