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Death Metal

The Putrid // Vile Death Metal of Genocide Pact “Order of Torment” Review + New Video

Death Metal has gone from the vague term people who know nothing about music use to describe all forms of aggressive music to the choice genre for popular bars and nightclubs across the country. In fact, a recent poll of American university students, mainly those in sororities, showed that 71% of all Greek life have either claimed to have or currently have a Gatecreeper shirt. Yep, you read that right, we sent CVLT Nation’s finest interns on a cross country trek to gather the most fascinating statistics surrounding Death Metal in America just for this article. Unfortunately, along the way Vice caught wind of what we were doing and more or less stole all of our interns and took all their data. From what I understand Vice will now be coming out with a ten-part mini series titled Greek Life and Gatecreeper: Rotting As One. In hindsight I feel like we could have avoided this by at least putting down a water bowl in the intern dungeon we have at the CVLT Nation mansion. Oh well!


Here’s the light at the end of the tunnel, sure all our data got compromised but we at least got away with a few stats that we could share with you all today. The first and most important of which being that experts in the fields of cultural anthropology, environmental science and esoteric riffage all predict that Order of Torment by Genocide Pact will be the cause of more polar icecaps melting as well as the faces of those who dare to listen to it. It is eight songs of pure disdain that seeps straight out of the depths of the most putrid, vile, and demented cesspool of hatred, bigotry, greed, and authoritarianism the world has ever known…Washington D.C. Genocide Pact begin their onslaught with Conquered and Disposed which sets the heavy and menacing tone of the whole album. The track sludges you out, then grinds your fucking ears off! This is no beginner level death metal and if one were to enter Genocide Pact into a riff measuring contest, well lets just say that theirs would break the goddamn table. Other standouts on the album include Spawn of Suffering which highlight the band’s ability to thrive without being reliant on the HM2 sound.

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Genocide Pact’s strength comes from their growling tone as it makes their songs resonate with audiences who might not otherwise embrace the genre. Order of Torment never stops giving its listeners new tempos to rage to and ultimately the is something on this record for fans of all types of heavy music. Its got the blasts, breakdowns and speed picking to satisfy all tastes. Wanna hop in the pit and swing at nothing? Genocide Pact got yo back! Wanna circle pit until you top your high school mile time? Genocide Pact will do ya just fine! Wanna stand in the corner and eat sour skittles? Well too bad you can’t because everyone else will be losing their fucking shit and its really hard to eat small tangy and delicious candy when people mosh like its the end of the fucking world.  Anyway, this anti-skittle manifesto of tone comes out Feb. 2nd and peep their tour info is below!

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