Pure Sonic Brutality! VANITAS: MORTIFER Mixtape

Ari Rosenchein is the mastermind behind the VANITAS mixtape series, and sent us his latest brutal assault on our senses in the form of MORTIFER. This is definitely up our readers’ alley, so check out the latest episode below as well as his earlier episodes here.

Sometimes brevity is best. Clocking in at 28:58, Reign in Blood remains a case study in brutality. MORTIFER, the third episode of the VANITAS podcast is even more fleeting: a twenty-minute audio bloodbath designed to jolt listeners into the new year.

Featuring fresh tracks from Austin, TX’s Mammoth Grinder and German thrash legends Accuser alongside Mutoid Man, Full of Hell, All Pigs Must Die, Ensepulcher, and Abbath, MORTIFER is the death bringer. May this mix help you slay the demons at 2018’s gate.


Mutoid Man – Micro Aggression
Full of Hell – Digital Prison
All Pigs Must Die – A Caustic Vision
Mammoth Grinder – Servant of the Most High
Ensepulcher – Funeral Cessation
Abbath – Fenrir Hunts
Accuser – Catacombs




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