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Pure Genius, Pure Magical Creativity! Experience the Sonic Energy of STEMLINES “U R HERE”

I’ve got a question…Have y’all heard of STEMLINES? If you haven’t I’m here to tell y’all they are one of the most important creative spirits manifesting sonic art right now! Their latest record U R HERE heals me with each listen. I get chills at the beginning of almost every song because their tunes are that magical. When I hear the vibes that they bring forth on “My Money,” I’m transported forward to the Motherland and imagine I’m celebrating my existence with our ancestors. STEMLINE projects their voice as an instrument and that music hits me deep inside of my soul. Musically, imagine Nina Simone sitting in with Bjork, J. J. Fad, and Radiohead — the outcome would only scratch the surface are the creative vision that is STEMLINES.

Honestly, right now my heart is broken and I’m dealing with the trauma of being a Black Man born in North America. From the time I left my mother’s womb, I have been battling white racism, and I’m weary. It’s the sounds of songs like “IWANT” that are giving me the energy I need to keep trodding along. STEMLINES doesn’t follow the stereotypes of what it is to be a Black Creative and for that, I salute them to the highest honor. Some people dress different and some people say they are different. Some people don’t have to say a word, they are just themselves; case in point, STEMLINES. I want you to know that U R HERE is one of the raddest records I have heard in years — thank you for being you no matter what!

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