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Punk is Not Dead in L.A. The Portraits of Sal One

While looking at Sal One photos so many emotions run through my mind and I got chill while staring at his work! What makes him one of the most important photographers in the Los Angeles Punk scene is that he is willing to capture the culture of the humans that are around him. This fact sets him apart from so many people that only taking live photos of bands and adds loads of cultural currency to his visuals. 50 years from people will look back at Sal’s work and be able to feel what it like to be a Punk growing up in L.A. Another that strikes and carries mad weight is that he is apart of the community that he is documenting so he is able to capture people in a different than someone from outside of the community could. Since 1976 Los Angeles and the East Side of Los Angeles has had a vibrant Punk scene  and it’s awesome to see that over 40 years later it has only gotten stronger! I wonder how many of these humans in these photos have family members that were apart on the scene from back in the day. Sal One shows us all Punk is Not Dead in L.A. is just a new group of outcast!…FYI don’t get it twisted his non punk flicks are grimy as fuck and leave me with a fucked up feeling that I can not get enough of!


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