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80s Hardcore

Punk’s Not Dead! It’s D.I.Y!
New York’s Alright Fest
Huge Video Essay!

Two weeks ago, one of the raddest DIY punk and hardcore festivals took place all around the almighty Big Apple, called New York’s Alright. From what I can see, over the course of four days punks invaded Brooklyn and the L.E.S., where they were treated to some awesome music. What made this fest so stellar is that they had bands from all over the world there to wreck shop! Check out this HUGE video essay featuring Savageheads, DIE, Razorheads, Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Blazing Eye,Zyanose, NO, Varix and Impalers. ULTRA BIG SHOUT OUT TO unARTigNYC for filming this historic fest…I guess New York is alright!

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Banner Photo by Bosh Fandes

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