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Lose Yourself in the Punishing Industrial Dystopia of 8 HOUR ANIMAL “KILL YOUR BOSS” Full Album Exclusive Premiere

8 HOUR ANIMAL KILL YOUR BOSS. If that is not a statement. What this band is all about is clear: all of the hatred, bitterness, and alienation coming from today’s modern-day slave state and capitalist overworked, underpaid, labor-exploited shithole, funneled into thirty-seven minutes of complete post-industrial pandemonium. 8 HOUR ANIMAL’s hallucinatory power electronics/metal assault has already found extensive coverage on these pages, but what the NY industrial one-man army has awaiting for you in this new sophomore LP is something that nearly defies sanity. Check it out for yourself here via this exclusive full album premiere we’re excited to bring you today:

What is essentially a mass grave of landlords, supervisors, and capitalists in recorded form, materializes in the listener’s ears, eyes, and mind as a full-scale sonic rampage, a suicide mission soundtracked by an inhuman assault on the senses. Decades of industrialized darkness and synthetic deconstruction and experimentation pushed it to its limits to evoke absolute bedlam. The legacies of Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Merzbow, Godflesh, Coil, Controlled Bleeding, and even black metal along with an onslaught of nefarious power electronics are funneled into a corrosive post-industrial disfiguration of unseen majesty and dread.

KILL YOUR BOSS releases officially tomorrow March 17 2023 via Sentient Ruin on cassette and digital formats, get it HERE or HERE.

Artwork by P. Van Trigt
Written By


Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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