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Premiere Streaming: Withdrawal “A White Tower”

It’s been what feels like ages since Winnipeg’s Withdrawal released new jams. Yes, while it has only been three years since their split with Young and in the Way, their return is certainly welcome with open with arms. Finally, we have Withdrawal’s first full-length, the aptly titled Never and first proper release since their 2014 demo. Beginning with their 2009 debut 7″ Unknown Misery and continuing with their A389 Recordings follow up Faith, Flesh & Blood, Withdrawal snapped heads around, back and forth with their Holy Terror from the Great White North metallic hardcore. With Never, this Manitoban quintet intend to deliver 11 tracks of bombastic, crucifix-breaking hardcore to you like an ice pick to the face.


Count yourself lucky today Internet, as you get to hear a track off Never. It would be irresponsible to not designate “A White Tower” as one of Withdrawal’s finest tracks to yet be heard. Picking up where their split with YAITW left off, the song is opened with contemplative, almost ghostly riffs before being pierced by the roaring vocals. From there, it’s sweet business as usual. Surging forward at the minute mark, Withdrawal embarks on a fist-throwing, two-stepping triathlon, making “A White Tower” unlike anything they’ve created to this point. Sacrilegious verging on a triumphant, halo-smashing manifesto, the song is nuanced by their signature world-weariness and respondent wrath.

“The song is about revolting skyscrapers and condos stretching across this planet, filled with useless, disgusting, self-absorbed people and their inane priorities and dreams,” said vocalist Adam Dyson on the song. “It originally started as a song for our clandestine side project “Autistic Moon” but we ended up totally restructuring the song and it ended up sounding more suitable for Withdrawal.”

Never will be out this fall (or maybe winter) via Escapist Records on limited vinyl. Withdrawal’s discography is available for your listening displeasure on their Bandcamp.


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