Premiere Streaming: VERMIN WOMB “Entomb”

VERMIN WOMB will smack the taste out of the hater’s mouths and drown the oppressors under the heavy weight of their sonic barrage – all without missing a beat! These three humans have created a thick wall of hate with their soon to be released album Decline via Translation Loss Records (USA Vinyl/Cd), Throatruiner Records (Eu Vinyl/Cd) and Sentient Ruin Records // Hibernation (Cassettes). On Sept. 29th, VERMIN WOMB hits the road with dates that include Immortal Bird, Gadget, Theories and Wake, and this clinic in audio brutality will be presented by CVLT Nation. Right here and now, we are fucking stoked to be sharing with you their brand new song “Entomb” off Decline. Stay tuned to CVLT Nation for our full upcoming review of their new record…




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