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Premiere Streaming: UNYIELDING LOVE “Ardent Shroud”

Unholy triple fuck how many sick releases will Sentient Ruin Laboratories put out in 2016? If I ran down the list, your head might start to spin – which is not a bad thing because it means they are the label we all can trust to bring the PAIN!!! Well, they have definitely struck a nerve with their upcoming release of UNYIELDING LOVE’s new album The Sweat of Augury. I must tell you this band can’t be fucked with – from the first song to the last, they never let off of the gas or the sonic pressure! CVLT Nation is stoked to be sharing with you UNYIELDING LOVE’s new song “Ardent Shroud.” The pre-orders for The Sweat of Augury are happening HERE now, and it should be noted that this record drops officially on Sept. 30th. You’ve got to stay tuned to CVLT Nation for our very in-depth review of The Sweat of Augury coming soon.

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