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LESBIAN “Kosmoceratops”

Unholy fuck – the new LESBIAN album entitled HALLUCINOGENESIS is the shit, and it’s going to push the genre of DOOM to new and trippier places! This Seattle band have made it their mission to create music on their own terms, which is why I have been a fan since day one! What’s a trip is the more they change with each release, the more I dig them. CVLT Nation is stoked to be able to share with you their new song “Kosmoceratops” – and what you are about to hear will make everything I wrote above make sense to you. The pre-orders for HALLUCINOGENESIS are up now, all you have to do is head over to Translation Loss Records, the killer label that is releasing this mammoth LP on August 26th. Do your homework if you have not heard of LESBIAN and you will not be disappointed! Read what the band has to say about “Kosmoceratops” below…

“Kosmoceratops”: This horny dinosaur is gonna fuck you up! Kosmoceratops was a survivor of the spore-filled asteroid, transformed into an implement of death! A fungal blight, cold like the night, a cold-blooded keeler! Killing, killing, and killing…time and time again! A scavengers dream! Kosmo. Hail the death mushroom and bow to the new lord of this world!”





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