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Premiere Streaming: Harm Wülf “Put The Kettle On (They’ve All Gone Away)”

The sun is out today, but the sun is not shinning for me right now because all I can feel is a never-ending sense of darkness. I know what the remedy is for me to feel different – it’s this thing called music! Harm Wülfs voice is what I need to hear so that I don’t feel empty inside. His voice is full of pain and suffering that I can relate to on so many levels, and I know I’m not alone. His soon to be released LP entitled Hijrah is a must-have for anyone who loves sad music that has the power to make you happy. CVLT Nation is streaming Harm Wülf ‘s song “Put The Kettle On (They’ve All Gone Away)” below, and you can pre-order via Deathwish Inc. HERE!



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