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Black Metal

Premiere Streaming: grimCVLT No2. TEETH’s “The Hell That Whispers In My Bones”

On the other side of the spectrum dwells the sonic abomination known as TEETH, a witches cauldron of Death Metal, Black Metal and Doom. As a result of this repugnant alchemist’s mixture of sound, TEETH have swirled these influences together, thus creating one thing: pure sonic devastation. These California natives have crafted a tapestry that further expands upon their maligned and highly regarded first release, Unremittance. This is a stunning composite of ideas wrapped tightly together and which operate like muscle fibers.


Label: grimCVLT…Pre Order grimCVLT No2. BARGHEST :: TEETH Split: HERE Limited To 94


With a running time of twenty-three minutes, their track entitled “The Hell That Whispers In My Bones” slips around the listener’s neck as it if were a noose composed of rusty barbed-wire, tightening and cutting off the air of the extreme music scene with its serpentine twists and turns. Simply put, TEETH have ushered forth a truly fascinating labyrinth of ideas and arrangements, with moments that are not only thought provoking, but also just as lethal and life-threatening as exposure to Polonium. TEETH enthrall the listener like a necromancer’s spell, leaving one captivated and ensnared in their darkened ritual chamber until the track closes out. A truly tormented and mesmerizing experience, one that not only solidifies this band’s spot at the table, but also as an omen of things to come.


Video created by Chariot Of Black Moth



Video created by Chariot Of Black Moth

[youtube id=”am2nrco3uzY”]



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Brooklyn, NY. A firm believer that the owls are not what they seem.

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