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Premiere Streaming: ENDLESS FLOODS II

Slow-moving splendor, glacial feedback, monolithic riffs draped in the emotions of the invisible HAND OF DOOM…These are only some of the thoughts that come to my mind as I listen to the new ENDLESS FLOODS record entitled II that is coming out on Dry Cough Records // Fvtvrecordings (vinyl) and Breathe Plastic Records (cassette). This is the kind of record that will become a part of your existence for a long time to come, because this band goes deeper than many bands! I fucking love how ENDLESS FLOODS blasts huge holes of emotional light with they way they write their songs. While some bands manifest doom that is grounded in nature, this band has conjured up an LP that is a part of the urban soundscape that it was created in! ENDLESS FLOODS II is record that should be heard by all lovers of great music! CVLT Nation is very happy to share with you one of our favorite DOOM releases of 2016.




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