Premiere Streaming: DOMKRAFT “Meltdown of the Orb”

Sometimes you just need to escape from reality, to let the THC infiltrate your brain and drift off on a cloud of hypnotic riffage…today is one of those days! Thanks be to Magnetic Eye for providing me with the trip I need in the form of Stockholm’s wizards of heavy DOMKRAFT‘s new album, The End of Electricity. If you like your doom on the heavy and groovy side, this band will blow you away. I can just tell these guys would ruin my hearing live, which is always a good sign. Today we’re very happy to be premiering a track off this cycodelic album, “Meltdown of the Orb” – a trip into another dimension of riffadelic radness! You can pre-order The End of Electricity here – it hits the streets on Nov. 11th!



Domkraft 12 jacket Gatefold







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