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Premiere Streaming: DEAD ‘Turning Screws’

dead untitle

The sun is out today, but all I have are these weird, tweaked-out sludgy thoughts flying around my brain right now. It’s the new DEAD song that I’m listening to entitled “Turning Screws,” which is exactly what the tune is doing to my braincells. This band creates music with the out-the-box vibe of Captain Beefheart and the muscle of the Melvins. Their new album is called Untitle and will be coming via We Empty Rooms Records on Sept. 30th. We are getting our bug out on today by streaming this new DEAD song below…Make sure to read what the band says this record is all about!

The idea behind this album is that each track is a soundtrack to a short film that will never be made. We used imagined visual cues when writing and rehearsing the material. ‘Grizzly’ is the story of a boat load of live export cattle being shipped from Australia for slaughter in Indonesia. The cattle revolt and take over the ship. They have an almighty 2 day party where they drink booze, smoke weed and BBQ the crew before tragically running aground on the Great Barrier Reef. They figure their best option is to set fire to the ship and go down on their own terms rather than be captured and sent for consumption.


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