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80s Hardcore

Portraits of…
Boston Punk Culture From The 80′s

The two east coast cities that had the biggest impact on Hardcore in the ’80s were D.C. and Boston (Sorry NYC). The bands coming out of these places resonated with me and all of my homies. We did not get mad when they named their comp “This Is Boston Not L.A” – we actually thought it was funny. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I watched this kick-ass documentary called All Ages-Boston Hardcore The Film and realized what really happened over there to create such an important scene. Today CVLT Nation would like to salute one of the most important cities for 80’s hardcore, Boston. Now it’s time to have a look at these portraits of a community that touched the world. I know when I stare at these photos, I realize that what was happening in Beantown was taking place all over the world. Also, I can’t help but feel all of the creative energy many of these youth had. The DIY spirit reigned supreme in Boston, that’s for sure…Personally, I want to say thank you to this city for giving me so many rad bands to listen to…Respect due to the whole crew that created All Ages-Boston Hardcore The Film and photographer Phil in Phlash. Watch the Documentary HERE!!!

131900_10151089070706744_330942240_o-1 135158_10151029510261744_32499261_o 217368_10150157353941744_8313502_n 279486_10151011481881744_529544665_o 415714_10150620592751744_1143651511_o 424565_10150582116366744_858503439_n 576180_10150644522716744_639898067_n 621923_10150950711741744_1492896052_o 621934_10151577512971744_262352508_o 964249_10151548557956744_1878209953_o 1077742_10151507470286744_2025805392_o 1239196_10151548559641744_789892747_o 1270218_10151649150831744_305963018_o 1397253_10151698389001744_2046971541_o 1397527_10151698067306744_1089194376_o 1399596_10151649147821744_574575840_o 1400190_10151706331271744_1749996493_o 1402029_10151698049751744_2092224545_o 1404663_10151719032631744_1734419403_o


All of the photos below were taken by Phil In Phlash

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All of the photos below were taken by Debbie Damage


26910_336449886743_3920276_n 26910_336450021743_1185161_n 26910_336450061743_926293_n 26910_336450141743_2513980_n 26910_336450291743_3663999_n 26910_336450416743_4708588_n 26910_336451156743_6300624_n 26910_336451426743_1511299_n 26910_336451851743_2808230_n 26910_336451836743_6414267_n 26910_336451801743_2136539_n 26910_336451771743_7391729_n 26910_336451591743_3016619_n 26910_336453001743_7348989_n 26910_336452661743_1898587_n 26910_336452621743_6622095_n 26910_336452576743_3008661_n 26910_336452076743_1831577_n

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  1. Paz

    August 10, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Better f****** times. Kill them all let you know Carter sort them out.

  2. Schwarze Wulff

    September 24, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    great look at the past. hell ya.

  3. PFL1982

    September 24, 2014 at 5:52 am

    … ah, those were the days… glad to see one of the photos from my zine Suburban Voice used in this piece (the Minor Threat one where Ian is wearing a shirt that says Someplace Special).

  4. Charlie Garcia

    September 24, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Heather Hard Xore

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