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Portraits of… ’80s West Berlin Punk Culture

Looking around today, I see so much that I can’t get down with. So I decided to look back into the past and put together another in the Portraits of… series – this one’s Berlin Punk Culture From The ’80s! Looking at these photos gives me hope, in the sense that I know the youth of today will continue to fight for a better tomorrow. Read below about what Part One meant to us, and why we started this series! Karl Nagel RULES!!! All photos taken from PUNKFOTO

Today I want to share with you the world’s largest punk photo archive called Karl Nagel’s PUNKFOTO. It has over 12,000 pictures dating from 1978 to 2000. What I really dig about this site is how it is a real life look at how German punks were living at the time, so I put together this huge photo essay focusing of photos from the 80’s. This is the decade that is super close to my heart, because this is when I got into the scene in Cali. When I look at many of these pictures, it just reminds me of how youth rebellion is global and not specific to one time or place. I have mad respect for what Karl has done, because future generations will be able to go back and see what was going on the the past! When I was growing up, the only way I got to see stuff like this was in MRR, which was cool but not the best quality, so it’s really nice to be able to look at photos from the 80’s and see them clearly. Nuff respect due to Karl Nagel’s PUNKFOTO. Now check out some amazing flicks of German punks doing their thing in the 80’s!


m_punk_photo_beatrice-kunz_1981_12877 m_punk_photo_berlin,hanover,muenster-79-83_1981_13897 m_punk_photo_berlin,hanover,muenster-79-83_1981_13898 m_punk_photo_berlin,hanover,muenster-79-83_1981_13899 m_punk_photo_berlin,hanover,muenster-79-83_1981_13901 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17758 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17760 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17765 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17766



m_punk_photo_barbara-porka-_1983_21000 m_punk_photo_barbara-porka-_1983_21001 m_punk_photo_olaf-balnus_1983_605 m_punk_photo_olaf-balnus_1983_606 m_punk_photo_olaf-balnus_1983_607 m_punk_photo_olaf-balnus_1983_608 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_603 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_610 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_611 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_613 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_614 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_6185 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_11839 m_punk_photo_unknown_1983_20898


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 m_punk_photo_die-elt-journalist_1984_13945 m_punk_photo_harry1_1984_18102 m_punk_photo_lou-2622_1984_17718 m_punk_photo_nase1_1984_12478 m_punk_photo_nase1_1984_12834 m_punk_photo_no-page-2110_1984_13946 m_punk_photo_olaf-balnus_1984_1052 m_punk_photo_olaf-balnus_1984_1053 m_punk_photo_olax-2327_1984_14566 m_punk_photo_stranger_1984_14567 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_1051 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_5343 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_5344 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_5551 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_12723 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_17720 m_punk_photo_unknown_1984_17721

m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17770 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17771 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17773 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17774 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17796 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17798 m_punk_photo_chris-berlin_1981_17799 m_punk_photo_gleim_1981_6534 m_punk_photo_unknown_1981_128 m_punk_photo_unknown_1981_129 m_punk_photo_unknown_1981_12318 m_punk_photo_unknown_1981_16792 m_punk_photo_unknown_1981_17714

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