PORTRAITS OF… 70’S & 80’S CHOLAS-CHOLOS-Crips-Bloods & Punks… - CVLT Nation
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PORTRAITS OF… 70’S & 80’S CHOLAS-CHOLOS-Crips-Bloods & Punks…

Growing up in L.A., it’s hard to escape gang culture because it’s all around you, from the city walls to the school halls. When I would go to my stepsister’s house, who has been an active Rollin 20’s Blood for over 30 years, I would always find myself looking through all of her polaroids of homies locked away in the state pen. These pictures have so many different meanings and messages in them, and if you are not a part of the culture you might not see them. Fuck the talking and peep a piece of urban history below…

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