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Black Death

Pestilent Black/Death Metal Nekromancy: CTHONICA ‘The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore’ Exclusive Full Album Premiere

It’s Bandcamp Friday today so if you’re looking for your next label/band to support, may as well hit two birds with one stone to pick up some absolute aural FILTH. Sentient Ruin and Caligari Records bring you the second hair-raising release from Venezuelan black/death necromancers CTHONICA. Pick it up from Sentient Ruin HERE or HERE on vinyl, or from Caligari Records on cassette format HERE and stream the full bestiality below!

CTHONICA are creators of a sepulchral and mummified aural plague that rummages the depths of total morbidity and perversion. Their raw, primitive, and repulsive blackened death metal is a slithering plague of total sonic chaos and desecration. Begotten of the slums of Caracas this band’s music worships total death and evokes abominable visions of darkness and evil ritualized through a cesspool of stomach-churning aural cacophony. This is music that telepathically links the listener to the underworld and to the kingdom of the dead, submerging them in a subterranean sepulchral ritual of abhorrent sonic abandon! The touches of droning noise and of dark ritual ambient that punctuates the release just add an extra layer and dimension to the utter horror this band has envisioned. Track #3 features guest lead vocals from Abstracter vocalist MA and the artwork by BMS Illustration is simply staggering. If you’re into black/death hellscapes like Demoncy, Beherit, Profanatica, and Archgoat then look further because CTHONICA is rising as absolute kinds of contemporary South American aural pestilence!

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