A Perfect Post Punk Tune! Premiering: Terremoto “Capture”

I’m floating away on the wings of my new favorite Post Punk song – the tune in question is named “Capture” and was created by Terremoto. Their soon to be released self-titled EP is coming out on Behind The Beat Records in Australia and Symphony of Destruction Records in Europe. I know for a fact this is going to be one of the sonic gems of 2018. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of premiering their single “Capture” below. I have a feeling you are going to become addicted to this band just like me, and the only thing that will help you is picking up their full EP once it is out. FYI – Terremoto is a band that has members from all around the world and they are on a mission to bring their post punk anthems to us all!


Terremoto, formed in early 2017, began as Giacomo, Tessa and James messing around in a backyard shed in Melbourne in some down time between the Odio Australian tour. From humble beginnings Terremoto became an attempt to subvert the typical constraints of space and place to create music whilst band members were physically separated by multiple borders and oceans. Terremoto (earthquake in Italian) moulds upbeat new wave synth lines and 1980’s pop vocal melodies with darker elements of driving goth-inspired guitars and drums. Reminiscent of early NEW ORDER combined with goth undertones of SKELETAL FAMILY.  

Terremoto is Giacomo Zatti on drums and Chelsey Crowley on synth and vocals. The two live in the Bay Area, USA, Giacomo originally from Italy. The two play their own respective bands; Odio, TORSO, Crimson Scarlet & Manfactory. James Blake is on guitar, Tessa Tribe on bass, both live in Melbourne, Australia and play in Masses together and Tessa in the band Ubik.

The band will release their debut 12″ EP ‘The Bridge’ in July 2018, each song was written and recorded in studios on opposite sides of the planet, brought together and mixed by Phill Calvert of The Birthday Party & Blue Ruin. Released on Calvert’s label Behind The Beat Records in Australia and on Symphony of Destruction Records in Europe Terremoto will be touring their new 12″ EP in the U.S. in October and Australia at the end of 2018.


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