Witness RINGWORM Slaughter in Vancouver BC

Ringworm, with Wormwitch, The Waning Light, and Drown In Ashes

The Astoria, Vancouver, October 14th, 2018

There ain’t nothing like a nice little Sunday night rager courtesy of unrelenting hardcore veterans Ringworm, with a little local support.

Launching the night were Drown In Ashes, who made a very compelling argument to the effect that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with no frills, straight-up hardcore in 2018, serving it up with incisive vocals and some of the meatiest riffs I’d been subjected to in a while.

Drown In Ashes

While “metalcore” is a term that now more often than not brings to mind choreographed stage jumps, good cop/bad cop vocals, as well as an overemphasis on melody, it’s nice to see a band like The Waning Light come along and play some good old-fashioned blistering hardcore infused with metal-inspired riffage that has genuine sincerity.

The Waning Light

Wormwitch have made quite the name for themselves since emerging from whatever dark pit of despair they came from just a few short years ago. Maintaining just the right balance between their rock n roll and black metal influences, their debut full-length Strike Mortal Soil was well-received by fans and critics alike, resulting in the band touring behind it quite extensively. This shows, as it seems like each performance of theirs I catch seems stronger than the last, regardless of member/line-up changes. I can say with confidence that I’m not alone in anticipating its follow-up.


It should go without saying that a band like Ringworm – amongst the most influential to contemporary hardcore – needs no introduction. What is worth noting however, is their ineffable punk rock work ethic, because this show took place on a day off on the tour they were on, supporting Gwar and Hatebreed. It’s admirable that a band, almost in its third decade of existence, will still take the initiative to drive to a city in another country mid-tour to play a one-off show on a Sunday night. Thank you Ringworm!



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