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Pause Grey’s Anatomy, Listen to Foreseen!!!! Stream + Full Set

Alright everyone my girlfriend/partner/person who puts up with me is out running errands and will probably be back soon so I gotta make this quick. Not because the Scandinavian thrash gods Foreseen deserve to be short changed in an article, but mainly so my partner and I can catch up on all her favorite shows! Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, you fucking name it! If its an unwatchable dumpster fire of a television show you can put money down that Dylan at CVLT Nation has been subjected to it against his will. Let me tell you something, there is nothing more sinister and brutal than knowing the show you’re watching was more or less meant to be soft core porn for bored married couples who think that using Groupon to try a cross fit class in up-and-coming part of town sounds…”fun.” Well, now that I think about it maybe there is just one thing more brutal in this post-privacy dystopian hell scape we call life in 2018, and that my friends is the Grave Danger LP  by  Finish demons Foreseen! Thrashing in an age where bands like Red Death, Power Trip, Iron Reagan, and Primal Rite are at the top of the underground food chain its hard to standout and do something that is gonna keep kids interested for the fifteen minutes you’ve got to play. Foreseen utilize the “less is more” approach to their music and Grave Danger reflects this greatly. Each track furiously pays homage to the early US west coast thrash scene all while making room for parts that greatly appeal to the contemporary hardcore persona. Foreseen is band that has no interest in begging or desperately trying to be appealing to audiences. Instead, they take a well functioning formula for chaos and apply to their craft and the rest, well maybe its best you just watch their live footage, or better yet if you live in a city they like to frequent catch this raging bash of grunts and power chords when they roll through. Foreseen are what they are, and if you’re forced to describe their music at the next Grey’s Anatomy viewing party you attend I’ve prepared some brief, yet effective comparisons/descriptors that you can use to condescend your way to the life of the party!

  • “Cryptic Slaughter with an accent”
  • “Kill Em All  era Metallica but actually cool”
  • “Gatecreeper if Gatecreeper were from Finland and played an entirely different genre of music”
  • “Excel but if they were from another country…you know, like Finland for example”
  • ” Kinda like Van Halen but with less spandex and more distortion and Finnish accents so actually nothing like Van Halen I’m so sorry for wasting your time with this one.”
  • “Iron Age after Chris Ulsh got kidnapped by a crazed fan.”
  • “S.O.D. but not racist”
  • “Like Dr. Know’s thrash phase but better…yeah bro they totally should have stuck with nardcore.”

Pick your favorite or come up with some of your own! More importantly just make sure to play Grave Danger relentlessly right up until the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy premieres next week!

Footage via Nervous Video




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