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Pagan funeral marches-apocalyptic energy! Experience ALLEGED WITCHES “Work After Machinery”

Alleged Witches‘ debut album Work After Machinery out now on Natural Sciences is fucking RAD AF! The sounds you will encounter on this release will not be found on any other record, real talk. Imagine a place where sinister sounds are shrouded in clouds of HEAVY DUB. This is not music looking towards the past, this is music that is pushing us into sonic environments that have not been discovered yet!

When the song “Maintenance Tips for Heavy Equipment” starts to seep into your reality, you will realize that night terrors can come in the form of a song you will want to immerse yourself into. I love the use of fractured rhythms and mutated broken sounds that added up to mind fuck bliss. Alleged Witches’ music is heavier than most because of the apocalyptic energy that each song was created with. Blast “Avoiding Cross-Contamination In Your Food Business” and you will mind travel into a mental jungle of nothingness where the animals are our teachers. As we exist on this planet, we need albums like Work After Machinery to keep us balanced.

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