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80s Hardcore

Our time is now! Rare AMERICA’s HARDCORE 1983 Full Set

America’s Hardcore was an 80’s hardcore band that in their short lifetime made a major impact! They were more than a band to me – they were people I looked up to, especially Drew Bernstein, who later became not only one of my best friends, but also was my legal guardian. He took his life last year around this time, and this post is in memory of him…I miss you with all of my being, but I know you still have my back. RIP Drew! This show you are viewing was put on by punx for punx!


We have a song called ‘Open Your Eyes’ and it’s directed at the scene in LA, but I’ve seen it happening other places too. It’s to the kids, and it’s about the big security guards at shows. When we saw Discharge down there, kids were going up to slam on the stage, to show their appreciation for the band, and the bouncers would grab ’em and throw them out the back door. The band could stop playing, if they cared, and either tell the kids to stop or tell the bouncers to stop… so the song says that these bands have some power.

—Drew A.H.C., Maximum Rocknroll #006, May/June, 1983


Picture From the Circle Jerks Group Sex Album Cover Shoot, Drew Bernstein in the Center

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DrewAHC1Collage taken from Double Cross XX

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