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Black Metal

A Sonic can of Death-Punk Whip Ass! Our favorite demo of the month: Hüstler s/t Tape!

Hüstler‘s full demo is streaming here today and we’re fucking stoked to have this unreal band back on CVLT Nation. I’ve got to keep it mad real that this demo is my favorite release of 2021 so far. Let me tell you how I feel when I listen to Hüstler and about the very special place that their music takes me back to. I feel like it’s 1985 and my young Punk-Deathrock self is headed to downtown LA with my Gothic sisters to check out Red Lorry Yellow Lorry; or better yet, the time I saw Sisters of Mercy in LA for $2.00 that same year. What I’m trying to say is that those shows had an impact on my life the same way that this Hüstler demo does. I want to salute Sorry State Records for putting out this insanely epic tape!

What the Fuck! Hüstler has created one of the sickest Demos of 2021 and this is a FACT! Unholy Hell, this sonic beast comes out on Feb 12th via Sorry State Records. Now it’s time to put your imagination to work in vision Christian Death decided to inject themselves with an unhealthy dose of Black Metal infused D-Beat the outcome might sound like Hüstler. Actually, this band sounds like no one else which is why I fucking love them so so much! 

Hüstler is:





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