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Open your Hip Hop 3rd Eye! Watch LUNGS “Thunderball” feat. phiik

Sound Bombing Verbal Kung Fu Beat Chemistry — it’s time for y’all to look into the mind of a word warrior that goes by the name of LUNGS. His new album The Birth of LoneSword comes out on Oct. 1st via Break All Records & P.T.P label. Over the mind-altering production of Lonesword, he kills shit along with his Tase Grip collective. This is the kind of Hop Hop where the words attack your brain cells only to infect all of your brain waves. I can’t front, every track on this record is dense and makes me want to roll a spliff. LUNGS doesn’t rap he spits lyrical fire infused with sonic particles from an unknown universe! It’s now time for y’all to check out his new visual “THUNDERBALL” featuring his partner in rhyme phiik. Get with the program support the real, open your mind, and inhale LUNGS The Birth of LoneSword pre-order HERE!.

Lungs ‘The Birth of LoneSword’
Out 10/1/21 on Break All Records/P.T.P label

Tase Grip collective

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