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Black Death

Experience the Cosmic Black Death Whirlwind that is Omnikinetic ‘Kinesis’ EP

As the world as we know it is changing by the minute, CVLT Nation will remain steadfast as the place for sick fucking music! We plan to go harder in shining a light on bands and labels that we feel are pushing the underground to new levels of creativity. Case in point is Repose Records and their new release from Omnikinetic, whose EP Kinesis will cause you to say, unholy fuck, this band is freaking unreal! Then you’ll pick up the tape HERE because it’s so damn good! I’m not going to even describe how rad Omnikinetic is – all you have to do to find out is press play below because we are streaming the Kinesis EP in full. FYI Repose Records is really creating their own lane in the underground. respect due. We’re super stoked to hear more from this band and this sick label!

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