OATHBREAKER Photo Tour Diary Part Three: Portland

Text and Photos: Bobby Cochran

Portland – 3.30.17

Portland’s Ash Street Saloon is larger than last night’s show, and the PNW weather has brought everyone out of their warm, California reverie and back into the cold and wet.  Despite this, everyone’s in good spirits.  The dressing room upstairs looks like it used to be a large fireplace, and can fit a total of 4 people max.  Most are amused by this.  A local band opens tonight’s show, and some of us stand outside marvelling at the volume of the bass bins and how they seem to rattle the entire front of the building.  Volume is king tonight.  Jaye Jayle make the best of an abbreviated set (things get behind schedule, and unfortunately the openers suffer) and spin dark tales over droney, moody songs tinged with southern gothic vibes.  Khemmis have a sizable fan base here, and there is plenty of head banging to go around.  Oathbreaker’s set is a bit lower-energy than last night, but still doesn’t fail to impress.  Another packed house, another night of powerful, vibrant music, and people leave more than satisfied.  I might even say grateful.  A nightcap at Voodoo Doughnuts puts smiles on the faces of more than a few Belgian musicians.






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