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This Band Sounds Like NO OTHER! Non Serviam “Infanticide”

I know my power and I know my strength! I need to in order to exist in a world that wants to kill me and people who look like me because of the color of our skin! I need to find solace in music because sound allows my mind to travel to places where White supremacists are the ones getting burned alive instead of young Black women. I know my power within the underground music scene, which is why we support music that’s life-changing no matter the status it has in the underground. Non Serviam from Paris is one of the sickest bands in the world, not only because they create music without form but also the fact they are not willing to conform. The band’s full length Le Cœur Bat is otherworldly awesome and creates sonic portals to new planes of existence. Today we’d like to share Non Serviam’s new song “Infanticide” with you below…

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