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no space for Racists! Witness the Urgent hardcore Punk of DOG BREATH’s “By Any Means”

If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything! These words are so true, which is why my mother raised me to question authority and to be a warrior against WHITE SUPREMACY! Having this sort of foundation is why bands like Crass & Crucifix (the whole Anarcho Punk Movement) spoke to me so much in the ’80s. Now fast forward to 2021, and one of my favorite Hardcore Punk bands is NYC’s DOG BREATH because they not only bring the ruckus on a music tip but they are down to punch a racist in the skull! In a global scene that feels really white people-focused at times, it’s amazing to have my brown sisters and brothers united in creating art that matters. DOG BREATH’s most recent release Isang Bagsak is next-level RAW! Today we are super excited to share their new video “By Any Means” with y’all! Fuck being complacent — the war is real, and it’s time to stand for something! Do the right thing and make DOG BREATH the soundtrack to your uprising!

Straight up, all day every day, I give zero fucks about giving safe space to racists and fencewalkers! I was born a Punk, I was born Black, and from the moment I took my first breath I swore I’d never to give in! That’s why NYC’s DOG BREATH is one of the most important bands doing it right now. Their new EP Isang Bagsak is a declaration of war against Racism and the downpression of all People of Color. They waste no time letting you know where they stand, from the first vocal sample on the first song, “By Any Means.” Fuck turning the other cheek, DOG BREATH stands their ground with their bruising, no surrender hardcore that will tear out nazi jugulars!

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