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New World Disorder! Watch the new video for NUKKE “Nagasaki Werewolf”

From birth, we’re told how to be happy and almost none of what we’re told to strive for makes us happy. Living for money, social status, nuclear family, possessions, conformity, patriotism, and religiosity makes us miserable and prone to homicide and suicide according to Dateline. It takes too many of us far too long to realize what’s real, and that’s why we need furious and frantic d-beat bands like NUKKE to wake us the fuck up! Today we’re sharing their new video for “Nagasaki Werewolf” and if you’re looking for a song to inspire your anti-system activities this is it! It’s off their No More Peace came out last fall via D-Takt & Rapunk, check out what we had to say about this record right here:

Hell Fucking yes! NUKKE’s new album No More Peace is a non-stop raging D-Beat onslaught that never lets up! I love how all of their songs get all up in your face with their full frontal attack against the powers that are trying to hold us down! When I listen to this band I realize that we all have the power to impact the world in a positive way. NUKKE creates the kind of Dis-Fury that makes you say, damn, this band is FIRE! Nothing but respect to D-Takt & Rapunk for releasing this killer fucking album! NEVER AGAIN!

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