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New Wave Of Japanese Hardcore:

KLONNS & SOILED HATE have created one of the sickest splits of 2021. Both bands kick out sinister Hardcore jams that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Real talk, KLONNS is beyond awesome because their thick sound is laced with a crazy amount of extremely addictive audio chaos! Don’t even get me started on these morbid breakdowns that at times I just want to bury myself in! SOILED HATES’s neck-breaking side will get up all in your skull and push your eyes out of your head. Again, this band’s breakdowns are un-fucking-real. I can’t tell y’all enough that this split is straight fucking fire!!! I want to take this time to send a huge shout-out to our Japanese massive and the DISCIPLINE PRODUCTION crew. I love how this project ends because it only shows that these humans are on some next-level shizz!!!

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