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New Unholy Anarchy Records
Comp. Up For Download!

What do we have here? The brand new 2015 Unholy Anarchy Records comp and the cost is name your price! Download now and get over 70 minutes of sonic destruction. Read the track listing below to see all of the genres that are represented on the comp. CVLT Nation salutes our comrades Unholy Anarchy Records for putting this together…Nuff respect to all of the bands for kicking out the jams!

Unholy Anarchy Records Speaks…

The 2015 Unholy Anarchy Records compilation is comprised of many songs from our previous releases, and a few from upcoming 2015 releases. There are also stuff on here from bands and labels that we consider friends – total support and respect!

This compilation spans the spectrum of genres, with hardcore, grind, crust, punk, death metal, sludge, doom, and pretty much anything and everything that invokes an audible reaction. Our hopes is that you use this as a way to get to know the bands we support…and get the audible fix you need to start 2015!


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