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Death Doom

MY NEW FAVORITE BAND: DEAD VOID ‘The Looming Spectre’ demo

What were my thoughts when I first heard the DEAD VOID The Looming Spectre demo tape? I said to myself, unholy triple hell, this band fucking kills, I can’t believe they’re this good! What struck me about them first is how they sounded like nothing I had heard before. With each listen, they dragged me deeper into their murky world of decaying riffs, and I heard something new every time. To call DEAD VOID Death Metal or Doom would not do them justice, because this band is creating their own lane. I am addicted to their lurching, decaying, suffocating melodies that cause an eternal sense of dread. The dual vocals in this band are fucking on point. This is only the beginning for DEAD VOID, and I know for a fact we will be hearing more from them in a major way. Right now, you have the chance to pick up their very limited edition tape HERE!



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