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New Brvtalism Mixtape No. 019 – OIL THIEF

Our comrades The Brvtalist have released another outstanding mix tape: New Brvtalism No. 019 – OIL THIEF – and it’s the BOMB. Enjoy this off the chain mix and make sure to support Chondritic Sound!


Andy Stott – Violence (Faith in Strangers/Modern Love)
Sisters of Mercy – Dominion/Mother Russia (Floodland/Merciful Release)
Burial – Archangel (Untrue/Hyperdub)
Exploring Jezebel – To Compensate, While The Average Lifespan Of A Male Will Be About 70 Years, Medical Advancements Will Make The Average Lifespan Of A Woman To Be About 750 Years. (On a Business Trip to London/Blackest Ever Black)
Body of Light – Limits of Reason (Limits of Reason/Ascetic House)
Pleasure Korps – Let Us Affix (Blessings/Nostilevo)
Dawn of Humans – Horse Blind (Slurping at the Cosmos Spine/Toxic State, La Vida Es Un Mus)
Renoire – Broken Tongue (Broken Tongue EP/Endangered Species)
Timeghost – Uber Orgone (Cellular/Chondritic Sound, Load)
Kangding Ray – Amber Decay (Solens Arc/Raster-Noton)
Pod Blotz – Feet in a Bag (Human Division/Nostilevo)
Raspberry Bulbs – Taken Apart (Nature Tries Again/Hospital Productions)
Pure Ground – Poison (Standard of Living/Chondritic Sound)
November Növelet – Magic (Magic/Galakthorrö)
Depeche Mode – A Question of Time (Black Celebration/Mute)
Have a Nice Life –Unholy Life (The Unnatural World/Flenser, Enemies List)
New Order – Leave Me Alone (Power Corruption & Lies/Factory)

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