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Listen to The Ripping, Blistering NEKRA EP “Royal Disruptor” NOW!!!

Photo by Joe Briggs

1, 2, 3, 4 – NEKRA’s new EP Royal Disruptor is a non-stop Punk party that I don’t want to end! This band kicks angry, in-your-face anthems that will get you hyped – real talk! They have a killer sense of menace to them that I really fucking dig! When isolation is over, I hope they tour the PNW because our whole family will take over the pit, and our six-year-old daughter will be wrecking shop in her boxing gloves! Don’t get it twisted – NEKRA’s tunes are gnarly and aggro but they also have this kick-ass sense of caustic melody to them, which makes me keep pushing the repeat button! Straight UP, CVLT Nation is beyond stoked to be sharing Royal Disruptor in full below. We salute our comrades LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS for releasing this stellar record on December 1st – order HERE!

Photo by Simon Marsham
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