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NEAR DARK FEST Returns to Oakland for its Fourth Instalment

After a burgeoning resurgence in fandom for all music dark and aggressive, Near Dark Fest of Oakland, California fame is once again throwing its hat into the ring promising righteous new upstarts along with cult favorites from decades past. A subculture that makes hair stand on end with its political messaging of an anti-hierarchical world but blends it with the unforgiving demands of punk and the melodic, catchy songwriting of darkwave and its adjacent genres, provides the backdrop for a three day music festival that brings together the best musicians capable of pushing this agenda. Now in its fourth iteration, NDF has become a mainstay as a flawless snapshot of what’s currently happening in the goth punk world and this year is no different:

Ana Curra, former member of bands such as Paralisis Permanente and Alaska y las Pegamoides whom has been dubbed by some The Queen of Punk in Spain, is one of the several legendary, international heroes gracing the stage this year. Known for pioneering the Madrid Movement in the early 1980s, Ana has been pumping out a distinct blend of early punk and blending it with motivating dance music for as long as darkwave and the like have existed. Having been integral to countless Spanish musical outfits throughout the decades, she now plays a combination of Paralisis Permanente songs and her own synth-centric compositions, accentuated by here career as a piano instructor at the Conservatory of Music of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Truly a sign of their times, OG anarcho punk legends Exit-Stance brought their musical movement to heavier heights and touted their position on human rights violations and their connection to religion as a centerpiece for their imagery. After undergoing several lineup changes due to illness and freak accidents, they finally graced the scene with their no-bullshit presence only to call it quits at the height of their career due to pressures from the police, local skinheads and the conformity that was coalescing around what it meant to be an anarchist at the time. Almost lost to the annals of history, Exit-Stance has now reformed and is excited to play their first North American show EVER.

Famous for being one of the “best kept secrets of the 1980s,” Sad Lovers & Giants have been blending post-punk and psychedelia for four decades, sprinkling several hits into their repertoire recognizable at goth dance nights the world over. With a rather lengthy discography, they’ve covered a lot of ground as their wider genre grew over the years. Incredibly danceable, often melodic arrangements with an ever-present romantic element have made Sad Lovers & Giants a reliable go-to for all things post-punk and their current output is no different.

Limited 3 day passes for the 18th-20th on sale now via this link! Here are the acts that are confirmed so far:


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