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How the Nazis Hi-Jacked An Ancient Symbol:
The Story of the Swastika Documentary

Symbols carry power in all cultures, and when they are appropriated by another group, their power can also be hi-jacked and twisted. Such is the case with the Swastika, a symbol of good luck and peace that was around for thousands of years before the Nazis decided to use it as their symbol of hate. Now when people see a Swastika, many people think of the industrial program of murder that the Nazis perpetrated against Jews and many others. To Hindus, the Swastika means something totally different, being that it has been a sacred symbol in their faith for thousands of years. BBC’s The Story of the Swastika is a in-depth, thought-provoking film that takes a hard look at what this symbol means to different cultures. I think everyone should watch this film, because it might change their perception of an ancient symbol that was desecrated by a bunch of racist cowards!

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