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Witness the Unholy Blackened Trap of MORA PROKAZA “By Chance”

What the fuck do we have here? Mora Prokaza‘s new LP By Chance is one of the most interesting releases of 2020. On paper, this shouldn’t be as sick as it is! Actually, I find their blend of Trap, Country and demented Black Metal to be highly addictive. The vocalist, Farmakon, spits lyrics all over the tracks and weaves his tone in and out of rhythms. On the real, he has fucking skills and every word is dipped in his blackened angst. I grew up with Hip Hop, and most of the time I don’t like it when people try and mix it up with other genres, but Mora Prokaza have succeeded where most have failed. By Chance is more punk than most punk records and more metal than most metal records because they follow NO RULES! We are beyond stoked to be able to share Mora Prokaza’s album in full below – make sure to order your copy from Season of Mist here! Also, check their insane videos…

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