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Avant Garde


“Four fried chicken wings and fried rice with duck sauce from the bulletproof Chinese spots in Flatbush.”. Dirty peep shows on 42nd Street showing all sorts of depraved porn. Stick up kids with razors in their mouths rocking OG Timberland boots. Abandoned apartments full of junkies in the Lower East Side of New York. Even within all of this I saw beauty. When I listen to the rugged and dense soundscape of King Vision Ultra’s Pain Of Mind it reminds me of the insanity that was NYC before it became sterilized and gentrified. What you will hear when you listen to this tape is music on the edge and so inspirational. This is some of the heaviest punk that I have heard in a long time because of how it makes me feel. Your job is to press play below and allow yourself to travel into the world of King Vision Ultra. This a dimension where Kool Keith is OZ, Large Professor is the Head Master and Prodigy is the Spirit that guides us all!


Since March, PTP has raised over $2000 for various bail abolition orgs and prison/jail library programs, and collected hundreds of books for library services at Rikers. The last two SW shows alone raised just over $1,500 resulting in helping 15+ folks make bail via the Bronx Freedom Fund, money which can be re-used to help even more people make bail in the future, and funding NYC Books Through Bars to send over 125 packages to incarcerated people nationally. – Tuesday, August 28. Silent Weapons. Proceeds will go to the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (@instabaji) – 1 free Old Blue Last beer upon entry (thanks – ARMAND HAMMER (a/v set w/ BKLYN ZULU + ‘Paraffin’ LP release) BONNIE BAXTER GREY WULF KING VISION ULTRA + VIA APP + YATTA (collab set) + SPECIAL GUEST – Tix: Facebook: – Flyer by yea yea yea

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