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Mexico’s Drug Lord: The Rise And Fall Of El Chapo Documentary

EL CHAPO was Public Enemy No. 1 before he was captured recently, and now is Public Enemy No. 1 because he just escaped again. I just watched this fascinating documentary that breakdown his story that I think just might interest you: it’s called Mexico’s Drug Lord: The Rise And Fall Of El Chapo. One thing is for sure: the WAR ON DRUGS is a joke! Here is some food for thought – many prisons in America are privatized, so without drug dealers and drug takers, who would keep them filled up and do the huge corporate jobs for pennies? Without the War on Drugs, the DEA will lose a huge amount of its budget – if not its sole purpose. Anyway, peep this documentary and come to your own mind about who had a hand in helping EL CHAPO go free, and who will benefit from his escape…


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