The Merciless Visceral Rage of Black-Death…
Premiere Streaming: ALTARAGE ‘Orb Terrax’

The world is a fucked up place right now, and we all know it! Which is why I need bands like ALTARAGE in my life as a soundtrack for all of the fucked up shit I see around me. There soon to be released LP Endinghent is a storm of feral rage that will suffocate you with each listen. When I hear this band, I always say to myself – how do they create such an unreal sound? On the real, I can’t get enough of their new record because it’s that freaking SICK!!! We are beyond stoked to be sharing with you the new ALTARAGE song “Orb Terrax” below. You can pre-order Endinghent from Season of Mist Here. Mark your calendar for this, because the official release date for this beast is Oct. 13th. Stay tuned for CVLT Nation’s full review of Endinghent.


ALTARAGE make a merciless return with their new album, ‘Endinghent’.  On ‘Endinghent’, the nebulous band stake their claim as one of the most abrasive entities in the underground. The album showcases twisted waves of guitars crashing against furious blasting as ominous, visceral vocals spew absolute negativity. ALTARAGE’s new album explores the darkest depths of the void with a most deliberate and savage approach to death metal. ‘Endinghent’ is a brutal journey into the unknown – welcome to a new dimension of sonic darkness!





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