MENHIR “Hiding In Light” EP Full Stream

Sometimes I daydream about what it must be like to work for NASA, listening to the universe, combing its vastness for signs and sounds of life beyond our limited understanding. The reality is  probably tedious, but I like to think that one day, someone listening to the static and blips of the billions of galaxies around us at 3 AM will suddenly pick up a faint rhythm, a thunder rolling towards our planet until the pummelling doom sludge of MENHIR blasts full force into their headphones, leaving them stunned and terrified of the cold aggression pouring into their braincells from lightyears away. Does that sound weird? Maybe, but put yourself in that scene and then hit play below on our stream of MENHIR’s upcoming EP Hiding in Light and tell me you don’t feel it. They have that perfect combination of unrelenting drumbeats, massive vocals and fuzzed out riffs, with a few spacey sounds thrown in, to make them sound like a heavy metal alien army beating a warpath through the universe. MENHIR will be making an appearance at Roadburn this weekend for all you lucky fucks that will be there, and they will also be releasing their EP via Tartarus Records to coincide with their April 17th show at the fest. The limited edition cassette version is encased in solid silicone rubber which has to be cut away in order to reach the tunes inside. You can pre-order one of these wacky space artifacts here and listen to Hiding in Light here and now!


HiL Mystery HiL Black





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