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Mechanical Rhythms Industrial Stabs! Experience the No Boundary Sounds of CONJUNTO PRIMITIVO

CONJUNTO PRIMITIVO is coming in HOT this year and their soon-to-be-released album “‘Morir Y Renacer’ sounds like no other! This project is beyond special and will keep your body movin! They have crafted a collection of songs that have no boundaries. This record is full of passion and hits my soul deeper with each listen. I love CONJUNTO PRIMITIVO did not look to the past at all but decided to push Post Punk to places that it has never been before.”‘Morir Y Renacer’ is not about one genre it’s about freedom of expression. I want to send a message to everyone who made this record a reality THANK YOU! The vocals on this record are priceless and the production is sublime! We have been given the honor of sharing with y’all two songs from “‘Morir Y Renacer’ below. I also want to say respect due CHICAGO RESEARCH for releasing that truly makes a difference! Pre-order the record HERE!

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Relapse Monolord
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