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Mammoth Melodic DOOM! Premiering AMAROK “IX Devoured”

On June 22nd, 2018 a really special record will be released by Translation Loss Records by the band AMAROK entitled Devoured and it’s pretty fucking rad! This band has been able to create songs that mournful, full of sorrow, but also warm, majestic and uplighting! I am so into this song we are premiering today called “IX Devoured” it’s a summer heavy ride that I just don’t want to end. This is only a small sonic piece to this massive LP, and if you are a fan of melodic doom, then AMAROK should be in your top five. Press play below and allow “IX Devoured” to the rest and you can pre-order Devoured HERE!

Brandon Squyres of AMAROK States:

This album was years in the making and represents tons of pain, and heartache, but mainly perseverance.

“Devoured” is the title track of our new album. We feel like this track encompasses all that we love about playing this type of music. It shows both the heavy punishing sides as well as the melodic sorrowful sides of doom.




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